Thinking about the mid-life crisis: 5 simple things you can focus on in your mid-twenties

Back in my early twenties, I was wandering aimlessly to discover what I actually wanted to do with my life. I don’t enjoy talking about growing up, but I want to be honest, especially when discussing my own personal growth.

The pursuit of more always left me feeling inadequate in my skin, which made me realize how important it is to prioritize the things that truly matter. It doesn’t resonate well with me to get caught up in the relentless pursuit of wealth and fame because it keeps me believing that I can be happy only if I have them.

After writing all my worries and concerns about my current situation, I realized that the only problem with getting older was that we don’t care as much about how we perceive ourselves, but how we look to others.

When we meet someone we know, we may feel more comfortable when we look successful, have a family, or have a well-decorated career with impressive titles. Not denying that we should work hard for our future, but we should also understand our wants and needs.

With the passing of my mid-twenties, I wanted to focus more on my personal growth, which is paramount to me when large changes take place in my life.

Taking some time to reflect upon my mid-twenties, I was eventually able to understand why these things are so important when we are exploring life.

Physical and Mental Health

It pains me to understand this because we fail to notice how we are aging quickly every single day. Usually, we notice when someone has fallen ill when they have been working on their job for hours and hours each day without taking good care of themselves. In spite of being alarmed that they ought to rest, they prioritize their work.

When asked what they are working for, they replied they want a better future with a financial cushion. Eventually, they began seeing clinics, paying for consultations, and trying to cope with their conditions with more medications. They will undoubtedly face some medical issues such as obesity, lack of sleep, high blood pressure, etc. when they are focusing on building their future.

While we may not notice when we are well, being mentally and physically exhausted leaves you incapable of taking on anything beyond your capabilities. We can, however, take better care of ourselves and set ourselves up for long-term success if we pay more attention to ourselves more.

Preparing ourselves physically and mentally is just like us preparing for a date. Our appearance sets the mood and first impression for the date if we are well dressed. Whenever our date recognizes that we are ready, we have already made a good impression.

We are certain that we can conquer anything we set our minds to if we take good care of our physical and mental health. We should not forget to take a break now and then and give attention to our mental health.

Having a passion project or hobby

While it may not seem important, how you spend your time when you take a break from your day job (if you have one) matters. In the past, I found hobbies rather pointless because I was too busy with school and thought they were only for people who had free time. However, hobbies could help us find a different kind of pleasure than working through the corporate rat race.

Whether reading or writing, it can nourish our minds and enrich our lives with the things we enjoy most. If you find a hobby you enjoy, you will discover that life offers much more than meeting societal expectations. Let it be something you would enjoy doing in your free time.

Stay connected with people around you

As you enter your mid-twenties, it’s an ideal time to be curious about the things surrounding you. Some of your peers may be working on their passion projects, while others might be establishing their careers or businesses.

Furthermore, when you are just starting out, connecting with them and exchanging ideas can be very helpful in understanding what you need to know about your field.

They can even connect you to people who can provide you with more insight to help enhance your knowledge and experience. Having the right connections will let you get to places you would not have imagined.

At first, it might feel awkward to talk to someone, but once you ask yourself why you want to connect, it becomes easier.

Building up your Life Experience

When you think about trying something new or taking on a new venture, you always worry about the repercussions if you fail. Though I think failing is something we want to avoid, avoiding failures means we will never experience the things we really want to do. With that, we will not understand or have any insights on it as we are not ready to accept new challenges.

In order to build life experience, we need to free ourselves from our “perfectionist” self and manage our expectations. It is important to embrace both the highs and lows of learning and relearning things, which can be exciting and daunting at the same time. But without the lows, we wouldn’t be able to appreciate the highs.

We should try as many things as we can and fall as many times as we like when we are young. By building up experience, we can avoid more mistakes in the future. As you grow as a person, it is never embarrassing as it is one of the many ways to help you get to where you want to go.

I am more likely to be embarrassed if I don’t know how to swim at 40 than at 20.

Character building

Building character is something that cannot be done just once, but I believe it’s one of the most fundamental things we can do to define who we are. When we are starting to navigate our way through life, we are bound to encounter some obstacles and hardships, which will become one of our most pivotal moments.

Humans tend to avoid pain, but embracing those moments will help us learn more about ourselves. When we recognize our strengths and weaknesses, whether it’s controlling our emotions or handling interpersonal relationships, we are one step closer to becoming better versions of ourselves.

Our circumstances sometimes are out of our control, yet we can manage our expectations by working through adversity and improving our mentality.

Even though you can’t build your character the way you want (like how you love to customize your own MapleStory character), it is worth considering as you go through life and it will make you more capable of coping with challenges.

Think about what you can do to make your life easier and maybe to make the lives of those around you better. Take some time to think about what you really want out of life and start using your time wisely for the things that matter to you.

About The Author:

Vince Law is an Accountancy graduate from Singapore Management University. Having a keen eye for numbers and a bent for problem-solving, he is currently working as a business consultant at one of the Big 4 Accounting firms, focusing on both consulting and assurance. During his free time, he writes on topics related to personal development and current affairs through his lens.

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