5 Types of Students you will meet at University

Attending university is a time when you will discover more about yourself, and you will probably be curious about the people you meet. Especially as a freshman, you are likely to meet many people from all walks of life. Some may be in their early twenties, fresh out of national service, or even working adults who pursued their studies after working for a while in the corporate world.

Whenever your friends talk about their university years, they would usually refer to the people they are with which made their student life memorable. Having heard about the amazing stories, I sometimes imagine how my student life would be if I had such company.

However, after learning more stories about how my friends were being “snaked” during their course selection that was even before the start of school, I was a little wary about it.

Still, I kept an open mind when I entered school, meeting new people and getting to know them. Eventually, things turned out pretty well, and I made many good friends in school.

After interacting with people in diverse majors for 4 years, I have learned that there is a selection of different friends you will typically meet, especially when you least expect it.

The Doraemon (Super resourceful guy)

There is always that one person in the class who knows many people, perhaps not very knowledgeable themselves, but at least who have access to valuable information and resources.

They are often outgoing and involved in many school activities, and networking seems to be their only focus whenever they attend a new class or event.

Oftentimes, they offer you support and assistance with their seniors’ module notes, which can save you from buying textbooks. The amount can be quite substantial, which may be up to a few hundred dollars.

Also, they tend to have a more insightful perspective on school thanks to their friends who have already taken the classes, which is why they are likely to know who the good professors are for certain courses.

There is no better friend to be with than him or her if you want to find out more about school.

The Bell Curve wrecker

While everyone is trying hard to achieve good grades, this particular person will be exceptionally hard working, overzealous, and complete all the exam practices to get the best score possible.

In spite of the difficulty of the paper, he or she will always prevail, demonstrating a mastery of the subject matter as if the textbook was written by them.

No one in the class will doubt that every professor would rush to extend their sincere invitation to these individuals to become their teaching assistants. Whenever they are asked how the paper was, they will humbly reply that it was very difficult.

As a result, you are likely to push yourself harder than you would otherwise in order to catch up with them.

The One who is always on Internships and School exchanges

Gaining work experience is part of the school curriculum, but there is inevitably someone who believes having one internship is not enough.

They probably would take advantage of career fairs, virtual seminars, and even company tours to learn about their prospective companies, and they would also gather information from different sources about where they want to work after graduation.

Prestigious firms, by default, have higher entry requirements, which in turn translate into better grades. Considering the school grading system that allows module exemptions for school exchange programs, it means they would want to go on school exchanges to qualify for it.

Naturally, they will plan their schools’ curriculum to include more internships (be it short or long term) and school exchange experiences to increase their chances of getting into those firms.

In their opinion, having five to six internships with an overseas exchange program is almost a guarantee, making them more experienced hires than anyone else who applies for the same role.

They will also most likely be among the ones who stand out in getting hired by multinational corporations (MNCs), for which they might give you advice on what to look for in a career. Thus, they are like a second career advisor besides your career coach at school.

The Entrepreneur

Less than 5% of students fall into this category, where they are willing to give up their student life to pursue their dreams.

They are fearless, driven, and laser-focused on their goals, which may or may not put school as their top priority. Though there are a handful of students who excel in their endeavors and studies, they are usually well known in school.

Given that they are future-oriented, they see school as a platform where they can exchange ideas with like-minded people and find opportunities to expand their ventures.

They may not be well-versed with the school curriculum, employers’ expectations, or even how to perfect their student resume because they are already aiming beyond being in the corporate world.

Despite being different, they are more likely to offer you a more unique perspective on their life philosophy and their approach to the 9–5 workday.

Although these individuals are usually very talented, they are also very mature and have almost everything figured out in their lives. Meeting them will provide you with a new perspective on life you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

The All-Rounder (Good grades, a career at prestigious firms, socially inclined)

If you meet an all-rounder, you will be amazed at how they get things under control, which is definitely not the norm.

Typically, these are people with warm personalities, are humble, and are good at listening to others, since they understand this is how they will get the most out of the conversation. Regardless of how little knowledge they have about the topic, they are eager to learn and contribute their perspectives.

They may seem to excel at everything (studies, socializing, career), but they are also disciplined in the way they manage their time. Whatever their schedules, regardless of school or work, they always make time for family and friends.

Acquainting yourself with them will help you gain a better understanding of how they live, which can be a springboard for more personal development.

Which one are you?

Being in school made me realize how one can materialize what they really want to become, and who they wish they would be for their friends. Those people we meet can still help us gain an understanding of ourselves better even when we realize we are not what we thought we were.

They can be our pillar of support, helping us achieve our goals and discover who we truly are. By understanding various perspectives on life, we gain a better understanding of ourselves, making us more capable of making informed decisions.

Be more open-minded and talk to as many people as you can in school. Who knows, one day they might be the ones who help you get your first job, first sale, or even a lifelong partner.

Make the most of your time in University!

About The Author:

Vince Law is an Accountancy graduate from Singapore Management University. Having a keen eye for numbers and a bent for problem-solving, he is currently working as a business consultant at one of the Big 4 Accounting firms, focusing on both consulting and assurance. During his free time, he writes on topics related to personal development and current affairs through his lens.

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