5 simple things you wish you were taught in school

Yin Kai Law (Vince)
6 min readJan 23, 2022
My Graduation photo being taken at the National Gallery of Singapore

After stepping into society for some time now, I have realized that my life doesn’t depend on what I learned in school, but on what I learn from the people in school.

Through the interactions I had with my peers and professors, I never fail to pick up one to two things I was lacking, and always kept me thinking about how I could have managed myself better.

Feeling a tinge of regret that I did nothing about it, but I must accept the person I am.

My experiences with them have instilled many valuable lessons in me, and they have broadened both my perspective of life and my expectations of myself. Though I wish we could learn these things in school, it cannot be done through class projects.

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Not being too hard on yourself

As stressful and competitive as a school might be for many students, being in the workforce definitely puts you into a game of comparative success. In an environment where you are constantly hearing about your peers’ career dreams and financial goals, you might feel you aren’t working as hard as they are. In the end, you will find yourself thinking about doing more in your career, seeking recognition and certifications, and drowning yourself in commitments.

However, putting yourself in a situation where you cannot handle your decisions could backfire on your efforts to improve. Because of this, you might want to consider balancing your expectations of yourself and not getting thrown off course by others’ achievements. Think about the things you must do in order to live a life that your heart desires and not that of others.

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Be accountable for your well-being

At work, as soon as you log into your communication platform, your managers start overloading you with tasks, asking you to attend several client meetings, and directing you to take part in a few more projects. You are pretty much tied up with work and leave no…

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